Carlson RuralConnect

Our Carlson RuralConnect technology uses the 802.11af ‘Super Wi-Fi/White-Fi’ industry standard for wireless local area networking (WLAN). With a range of up to 50km, higher bandwidth and lower cost than competitors, we can genuinely say we have a market-leading product currently in use and providing connectivity to many in remote areas.

Our deployments include a full solution – backhaul, antenna and receiver with GPS. Our patented radio architecture is innovative and cost-effective. Our modular architecture has low power requirements, yet provides high performance.

Gen 3 is the best-in-class TV white spaces solution to deliver broadband to customers in non-line-of-sight and rural locations: through trees, foliage, and walls and over hills. Much more affordable than all wireline or wireless network options in the marketplace today.

  • Great throughput & low latency for video streaming/gaming, VoIP and OTT TV
  • Serve up to 90 broadband subscribers on a single base station
  • Much lower NLOS build-out costs than 900 MHz, Fixed LTE or LOS networks
  • Large & ubiquitous NLOS coverage areas (10 to 40 km radius)
  • Built using IEEE 802.11af standard

Remote Management & Diagnostics

Use of SNMPv2 and Internet-accessible GUI provides tools for network management, remote system metrics, diagnostics and network configuration.

Superior NLOS Performance

Advanced receiver technology mitigates interference from nearby high-power cellular and TV signals. Proprietary equalization algorithms resist fading and allow for higher throughput and very low latency.

Wide Range of Applications

  • Broadband Internet access
  • Schools & Libraries Solution to “Homework Gap”
  • Public Safety, Security & Border Patrol
  • Internet of Things, SCADA

Great Performance & Affordable Prices

  • 72 Mbps aggregate base station throughput
  • Up to 24 Mbps client throughput
  • Low latency to support VoIP, streaming video, OTT TV
  • Much more affordable build out than fixed LTE or other TV white spaces

Integrated Solar Power

Safe, reliable, power generation without the time and expense of hooking-up to the nearest electrical grid connection. Save time, money and resources for your wireless connectivity solution with the Carlson Wireless Integrated Solar Power System. Our plug-and-play system is pre-wired and pre-assembled, so installation is simple.

Next steps

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