Bringing affordable, high-speed broadband to consumers and organisations around the globe using advanced wireless technology.

The problem

Whilst the world becomes ever-more connected, with consumers and organisations demanding access to the fastest broadband speeds, over 4.5bn people worldwide are being left behind, denied access to the internet. Either they’re too remote, or connecting every part of their organisation to a world-class network is prohibitively expensive or problematic.

We’ve seen the global race for mobile connectivity – those consumers and organisations now want fast mobile internet connectivity on their smartphones.

Carlson More Than The Last Mile have solved those problems…

The solution

We use a technology called TV White Space (TVWS). TVWS utilises unused parts of the radio spectrum to deliver broadband over large distances at high speed, through trees and foliage, through densely built-up urban areas and over hills.

Our solution is developed in-house by Jim Carlson and his radio engineering team. It’s patented, market leading, and is currently live in over 75 installations in 30 countries worldwide.

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What is TV White Space (TVWS)?

TV White Space (“TVWS”) refers to unused radio spectrum in the TV broadcast bands that could potentially be used for alternative wireless broadband communications. TVWS technology is an innovation that allows opportunistic access to the presently untapped and under-utilised source of spectrum, to meet the demand for frequency spectrum for high-speed wireless broadband Internet access, machine-to-machine communications, smart metering and outdoor environment monitoring services.

Who is this technology for?

The short answer, anyone who needs access to fast broadband and who can’t currently get it.

Typically, our customers include isolated villages, farms and communities. But we also bring cost-effective, high speed broadband to factories, campuses, hospitals etc where cabling up every part of their footprint may be prohibitively expensive.

The company

More Than The Last Mile are working with best-of-breed partners such as Google, Microsoft and Carlson Wireless to enable everyone to have access to fast broadband, whatever their situation.

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Next steps

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